Boffo Brands offers licensed storage for alcoholic beverages, holding both Federal and State permits. Conveniently located, our facility makes us a strategic partner for your storage needs. We provide shipping solutions for both raw and finished goods with multiple vendors, giving you the best pricing and options for all of your freight requirements.

New brands and craft producers have logistical challenges as most wholesalers welcome new micro brands but can not overcome the logistical challenges of ordering sensible amounts for their geographical areas. The more craft and micro brands in one area allows our wholesale network to mix and match cases and brands to shipping enough to overcome this challenge. In addition, we offer our clients competitive storage rates for both short and long term solutions.

Boffo Brands arranges transportation for both simple local shipments and complex international freight. Our team arranges, tracks, and confirms timely delivery. We work with our network to provide the best possible solution. Whether your product requires air freight, shipment oversees, or simply the best domestic shipping rates, our clients know they can rely on the safe delivery of their product.

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